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The Pegasus Group

Exceptional people, innovative approach, and state of the art process, yield extraordinary results.

Our Work
The numbers speak for themselves
New Construction
$5.2 billion in new construction, value added, and development projects completed.
Multi-family Construction
14.7 million square feet of multifamily construction completed.
  • Hi-Rise 3.1 million square feet, in excess of 3,000 units.
  • Wood framed 11.6 million square feet, in excess of 12,000 units.
Retail Construction
3.5 million square feet of retail construction completed.
Hospitality Construction
300,000 square feet of Hospitality construction completed.
The managing members have operated under the auspices of large platform developers, general contractors, and for their account for a combined 40 plus years.
Completed projects are located in CT, NY, NJ, DC, VA, MD, NC, SC, TN, PA, KY, AL, GA, and FL.