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The Pegasus Group

Exceptional people, innovative approach, and state of the art process, yield extraordinary results.

Value Added Renovation
It is our firm belief that the same level of innovation, predictability, and professionalism should govern Value Added/Reno work as is typically applied to new construction. With its unique set of challenges, Value Added projects require a skillful touch, both in the execution of the work and the maintenance of the client’s revenue stream.

As both contractors and property owners, we understand the challenges faced in value added work at an intimate level.
  • "We understand that we are not only dealing with scope, but also your customer."
  • "If your tenants are happy they pay rent, if not, they pay visits to your management team."
  • "Purchasing is no longer a local game. It is national and international."
  • "Everyone is safe, every day. This is no cliché for us, it is our culture."
  • "The development of realistic CapEx numbers is our specialty. No surprises, just what you need and want, at a price that works."