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The Pegasus Group

Exceptional people, innovative approach, and state of the art process, yield extraordinary results.

Innovative Procurement Methodology

National labor sourcing:  We feel that there are ample opportunities to take advantage of the arbitrage that exists between labor rates one market to the next.  We have a proven track record of success at executing this strategy. 

National and International materials sourcing:  Materials sourcing is an international effort these days.  Whether, its cabinets from Italy, steel from Turkey, or hard surface tops from China, our team is tasked with monitoring the international commodities markets for opportunities to bring value to the client through strategic purchases.

Materials Control:  Risk mitigation is not simply about bonding.  It is about the strategic purchase of labor and materials that will not only mitigate risk, but will allow a project to complete on time and within budget.    Where there is significant advantage to be gained, we will pre-purchase materials and warehouse them.  This affords us the advantage of being able to use numerous labor sources for installations, while controlling material flow to the job.

Scheduling philosophy

Our approach is deceptively simple.  A predictable schedule creates job flow.  Once a job is flowing it needs only minor course corrections.  Job flow highlights both opportunities and weaknesses and allows us to adjust to meet the client’s goals.  We realize that we are not simply building a project but also an annuity for our clients.  The sooner it starts paying off the better for all concerned.

Project Management Philosophy

Get your boots on and get in there!  The managing members are hands-on with every project.  This approach is not a philosophy, it is written into our DNA.  The job is not built in the main office or in the job-site trailer, it is built in the field.